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Marketo Onboarding & Training

Have you recently started using Marketo and are looking for dedicated training and mentorship for your teams? A big part of any Marketing Automation implementation starts with having the right practical knowledge of the system to work ease and efficiency.

We have extensive experience working with Marketo and Marketing Automation, and can proactively provide you with the knowledge and Marketo support how and when you need it most. We’ll help you:

  • Standardize training and system onboarding, and create a custom team training plan to best suit your organizations’ ways of working.
  • Conduct workshops to ensure your teams have the skills and knowledge they need for new system adoption and to successfully work in your Marketo instance in no time.
  • Establish best practices and gauge your teams’ success with dedicated guidance and ongoing support from our team of Certified Marketo Experts.

Flexible or Fully-Managed Marketo Support

Whether you've recently hired new team members to work in your Marketo instance, or have lost a skilled superuser or admin, a little support can go a long way! We at Exelement have several MCSA and MCE certified consultants with experience in Marketo admin roles at global companies. We’ll support your new team members develop the right knowledge and skills of your system and Marketing Automation processes to start successfully working in your Marketo instance within a matter of days.

Marketo Progress & Feedback Sessions

Adopting a new Marketing Automation system within your organization is a learning process for anyone, and especially when different team members have different skill levels and skillsets. Through regular feedback sessions and progress check-ins, we can track your teams’ path to success in Marketo, identify learning pain points and create a plan-of-action to ensure each team member gets the right guidance they need to stay on course and consistently up-skill their Marketo knowledge.

Marketo Check-ins & Maintenance

New releases and updates in Marketo are constantly happening, and add great value when looking to get the most out of your instance and ensure it’s operating at its highest potential. When new features in Marketo become available, or if your instance needs updates we’ll schedule check-ins with your teams so they stay up-to-date on the latest Marketo features. We’ll also provide you with feedback and help you implement the change work needed so that you can start leveraging all the best in Marketo and maximize your investment in Marketing Automation.

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