Exelement SyncCloud

Managed integration platform as a service (iPaaS)

Integrate, exchange, migrate and replicate data between your platforms in no time.

300+ integration connectors to popular apps and services

Rapid custom API connector development, including for your on-prem systems

Fully managed integration platform as a service (iPaaS)

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Accelerate the development of your platform integrations

Smooth, managed iPaaS integration service
One integration to enable hundreds
Your integrations always up to date
Smooth, managed iPaaS integration service

By using Exelement SyncCloud, you can accelerate the development of your platform integrations.

Exelement SyncCloud greatly reduces the burden of learning about third-party applications, building plugins, or supporting custom code built against your systems' APIs.

Our Data Integration Services Team works with your existing systems, which is why integration services through Exelement SyncCloud are not only easy to implement, but are also incredibly cost-efficient. We manage the whole integration cycle from A to Z. Your integration lives in our cloud so you don't have to worry about managing the integration software or burden your IT and DevOps team with hosting and security demands.

One integration to enable hundreds

By integrating your business's platforms with Exelement SyncCloud you have the ability to create and deploy integrations with any of the services in our connector library – get new integrations launched in days, not months.

Agile integration deployment
300+ integrations to popular apps and services
Rapid custom API connector development
No hosting or codebase to develop or manage
Fully managed integration built and managed by our Lead Management, CRM and Marketing Automation expert Data Integration Services Team
Your integrations always up to date

Platform APIs change often, which result in issues and breaks integration software, your integration goes down and it's not your fault. We take the pain out of working with third-party APIs. We are continuously adding, extending, and updating our library of connectors, so you can focus on accomplishing your business goals.

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Our Stack Architecture

Exelement SyncCloud is a fully-fledged integration framework which allows our team to build and launch integrations in no time.

Exelement SyncCloud API

API used to build integrations between platforms, template integrations, integration setup, and design tools.

Design Tools

Integration builder and other connectivity design tools, used by our Data Integration Services Team to create custom integrations.

Connectivity Framework

Components dealing with the connectors of the various platforms between Exelement SyncCloud API to third-party APIs.

Execution Layer

Creation, scheduling, and execution of integrations.

Save Hundreds of Development and Debugging Hours

By building your integration with Exelement SyncCloud, you get to utilize our orchestration and logic tools, a complete set of all the necessary components to launch and maintain a successful integration without the need to develop or manage code in-house.

Field Mapping

Map data from one app to another and easily move data between applications. Integrations can be as simple as A to B or as a complex/multi-step process.


Our integration builder comes with built in testing tools to examine data flow between applications. Access transaction logs to help understand issues.


Replicate your integration in minutes, connect more instances with the same flows, build your integration flows once and re-use multiple times.


Branch execution of your workflow based on data retrieved, using a full range of logical conditions including: equals, not equals, greater than, less than, in, or contains.


Pause a workflow for a defined number of minutes, hours, days, or longer. Use data from previous steps to dynamically control the delay.

Wait Until

Pause a workflow until a fixed point in time, either hard-coded or dynamically defined based on data retrieved in a previous step.

Reusable Assets & Workflows

Build simple point-to-point integrations or more complex workflows that combine multiple applications and logic tools using our reusable assets and workflows.


Validate and filter data as it passes through your integrations – so you only work with the data you need.

Error Handling

Drill into flagged transactions to identify what has caused an error and track the execution stack.
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Secure Data Movement From Point A to B,
In Weeks Not Months

GDPR Compliant

We take GDPR seriously and design everything with security first.

IP Whitelisting

Exelement's SyncCloud sends and receives requests from static IP address which you could whitelist in your system's API.

SSL everywhere

We always use SSL when customer systems connect to Exelement SyncCloud or third party APIs such that data is encrypted on the way in to and out of the Exelement SyncCloud application. Whilst in the Exelement SyncCloud application environment all data is encrypted.

Untangle your IT team

By building and running your system integrations on Exelement SyncCloud, you get to free up your IT team from building, managing and hosting your marketing and sales integrations. We know how busy internal IT teams can be, sometimes small marketing and sales projects would take forever to be delivered and get tangled with internal resources and skillset planning, DevOps and security limitations. Why tangle your IT team while you can launch your integrations faster and in isolation from your internal IT systems?

Physical Access Controls

Exelement's SyncCloud application runs in secure data centres operated by Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services policy in regards to Physical Access is as follows: Physical data centre access is granted only to approved employees and third parties. Such individuals who need data centre access must first apply for access and provide a valid business justification. These requests are granted based on the principle of least privilege, where requests must specify to which layer of the data centre the individual needs access, and are time-bound.  Requests are reviewed and approved by authorized personnel, and access is revoked after the requested time expires. Once granted admittance, individuals are restricted to areas specified in their permissions.

Integrate Systems While Saving On Cost

Sharing your data between systems is as easy as one two three.

Account setup

Based on your integration needs, we set up a new account and enable the integration connectors needed to build the integration, plus others if needed.

If you require endpoints that is currently not available in SyncCloud, or if you require a new connector, we will, build modify existing, or build the new custom connector for you and add it to your account.


Integration implementation and launch

Before we build the integration, we will do a quick health check in your platform instances and suggest any changes needed to make the integration work seamlessly.

Based on your requirements, our Data Integration Services Team builds your integration and launches it in an efficient and quick turnaround time. We work with your internal teams to ensure correct field mapping, data synchronization logic, integration frequency, and any custom requirements are met.

Based on your integration complexity, custom logic and any other specific requirements, the time to setup your specific integration can vary. We recommend starting simple and then add on more connections.  

Continuous support throughout the lifecycle.

After the launch we will monitor the integration closely for two weeks, and after that we’ll hand over to continuous support.

If you need any tweaks or simple changes, just reach out and ask and we’ll set it up for you.  For major changes or updates to your integration, we’ll scope the work together to minimize impact on your production systems.  

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