SyncCloud Managed Integration

Empowering the lead management process with automated credit check reports.


This integration is a two-part solution (platform integration and HubSpot app development) designed to create a seamless integration between HubSpot CRM and Creditsafe.

Creditsafe is a provider of financial and credit report information, and the goal is to seamlessly incorporate financial data into HubSpot by leveraging Exelement SyncCloud.

The Challenges

Some of the main pain points that this integration solves for:

Manual Data Entry and Transfer: HubSpot users (sales, marketing, etc.) usually face the burden of manually inputting data into the Creditsafe web-based portal. This not only consume valuable time but also require laborious transfer of essential data from the Creditsafe web portal to the HubSpot CRM. This manual process leads to the risk of errors and inefficiencies, diverting valuable resources away from more strategic tasks.

Access Limitations to Customer Information: Due to cost and restricted access to the Credisafe database, only a select few individuals within the organization are usually able to access customer data. This results in bottlenecks, creating backlogs of sales requests. Salespeople ends being unable to promptly access the reports and information they require to perform their daily responsibilities effectively. This limitation in data access hinders their ability to make informed business decisions and provide a satisfactory customer experience.

Tedious Lead Management and Opportunity Handling: The entire workflow, starting from manual data entry and extending to the individual retrieval of financial reports, is marked by time-consuming steps. As a consequence, managing leads and opportunities becomes a sluggish process. The inefficiencies stemming from this elongated process leads to delays in capitalizing on potential business prospects. Additionally, the considerable amount of time required for these tasks prevents the sales team from responding promptly to emerging opportunities.

Shortage of Internal Resources for Integration: Building and managing integrations requires technical expertise and resources. Given the complexity of integrating systems like Creditsafe and HubSpot, the organization encounters challenges due to limited internal resources.

The Solution & Business value

The integration between HubSpot CRM and Creditsafe transforms the lead management process and significantly streamline critical processes by creating an automated workflow to fetch the right reports, the right data, at the right time in the sales process.

Greater efficiency & Seamless lead management

The manual work that is usually needed to build reports won't be longer be needed, the integration enables organizations to have reliable and up-to-date information from Creditsafe to HubSpot in near real-time, enabling persons in the organization to have the critical information needed to quickly make business decisions.

Time & Cost-savings

By replacing repetitive manual tasks with an automated integration workflow, the time it takes to compile and retrieve reports is reduced from days to minutes. Choosing a managed iPaaS solution also means that the organization does not have to invest additional time or cost on internal resources to build or manage the integration. SyncCloud runs, hosts and manages the API connectors – including any maintenance needed, for example if Credisafe’s API is changed or updated in the future.

In addition, business processes are constantly changing. When this happens, and updates are necessary in the current integration such as the integration logic, add or change data attributes, triggers, etc., SyncCloud and our Data Integration Services team will manage these changes and make any necessary updates.

Better data & insights in the customer journey

The integration and app development aims at constructing a custom tab within HubSpot to establish a centralized viewpoint for financial information and crucial data. This enrichment of profiles and records within the organization CRM, along with its integration into the sales process, equips salespersons with pertinent insights to facilitate well-informed and swift decision-making.

Our Approach


There are various types of Creditsafe reports which can be fetched and imported into HubSpot, we help in discovering and mapping which reports to be triggered at certain times during the sales process and automatically imported into HubSpot records as PDFs. In addition to importing the reports as PDFs, specific information from the reports can be extracted and imported as custom objects in HubSpot.The first step of the project is to scope and identify your orginization business requirements and main challenges to solve, which involves a series of discovery sessions to build the foundation for the integration setup.


During the implementation we work closely with your orginization to help establish the setup from end-to-end starting from creating and mapping the integration logic to building the the integration logic, and then launching the integration.

To integrate the financial reports and pull data into HubSpot, we custom build the integration logic with the Credisafe API to ensure the integration is requesting both the PDF report and data attributes in the same API call.


The reports and data are automatically fetched from Creditsafe to HubSpot based on triggers occurring in the opportunity process. For example, when a deal stage is updated.

It’s important to mention that different report types can be fetched and managed by the integration, based on specific criteria and data attributes that can be established with your organization in the discovery phase. This ensures that the right report type will be automatically fetched at the right time, eliminating the manual steps and guesswork when it comes to making sure that sales persons choose the correct report type needed from the Creditsafe database.

In addition to building the custom integration, further HubSpot development could be provided to present the reports and custom objects with all pertinent data in a new custom tab overview on deal records.

A custom button can also be built into the HubSpot interface to give salespersons the option to click a button in the custom tab overview to trigger the integration to fetch the most recent report available in the Creditsafe database, ensuring the most up-to-date and reliable information will always be available in the CRM.

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