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With our fully managed integration platform as a service, we can help you get your integration up and running fast, securely, and accurately.

We manage the whole process from A-Z, your integration runs in our cloud, and you don't need to host or manage any code or integration apps.

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Available integration methods


  • Delete Lead: Delete a Lead.
  • List Lead Filters: Get a List of All Lead Filters.
  • Create Lead: Create a New Lead.
  • List All Leads by View ID: Get a List of All Leads by View ID.
  • Update Lead: Update a Lead.
  • Get Lead: Get a Lead.


  • Create Contact: Create a New Contact.
  • List Contact Filters: Get a List of All Contact Filters.
  • Get Contact: Get a Contact.
  • Update Contact: Update a Contact.
  • Delete Contact: Delete a Contact.
  • List All Contacts by View ID: Get a List of All Contacts by View ID.


  • Get Account: Get an Account.
  • List All Accounts by View ID: Get a List of All Accounts by View ID (retrieve View ID from Account Filters).
  • List Account Filters: Get a List of All Account Filters.
  • Delete Account: Delete an Account.
  • Create Account: Create an Account.
  • Update Account: Update an Account.


  • List Appointments: Get a list of filtered appointments i.e get your past and upcoming appointments.


  • Update Contact: Updates a contact by ID
  • Get Contact By Email: Gets a contact by email address
  • Add Contact To Address Book: Adds a contact to a given address book
  • Get Modified Contacts: Gets a list of contacts modified since step last run
  • Delete Contact: Deletes a contact by ID
  • Delete Contact From Address Book: Deletes a contact from a given address book
  • Get New Contacts: Gets a list of contacts created since step last run
  • Add Transactional Data To Contact: Adds a single piece of transactional data to a contact.
  • Replace Transactional Data By Key: Replaces a piece of transactional data by key.
  • Delete Transactional Data By Key: Deletes a piece of transactional data by key.
  • Get Transactional Data By Key: Gets a piece of transactional data by key.
  • Get Transactional Data Collection For Contact By Email: Gets a list of up to 100 of the most recent transactional data records for a contact in a collection by their email address.
  • Get New Suppressed Contacts: Gets a list of suppressed contacts since the last run along with the reason for suppression.
  • Get New Unsubscribed Contacts: Gets a list of unsubscribed contacts since the last run.
  • Unsubscribe Contact: Unsubscribes contact from account
  • Resubscribe Contact: Resubscribes a previously unsubscribed contact
  • Create or Update A Contact: Creates or updates a contact

Address Books

  • Delete Address Book: Deletes an address book by ID
  • Get Address Books: Gets all address books
  • Get Private Address Books: Gets all private address books
  • Get Public Address Books: Gets all public address books
  • Update Address Book: Updates an address book
  • Create Address Book: Creates an address book


  • Get All Campaigns: Gets all campaigns
  • Get Campaign Opens: Gets a list of opens for a campaign since the step last ran
  • Get Campaign Clicks: Gets a list of clicks for a campaign since the step last ran
  • Send Campaign: Send a campaign.
  • Send Time Optimised Campaign: Send a time optimised campaign.


  • Get Message Status: Get Message Status.
  • Get Message Analytics: Get Message Analytics
  • List Conversations: Retrieves a list of all available conversations.
  • Send Messages: Sends a batch of messages.
  • Message Failed Event: Message Failed Event.
  • Message Events: Message events sent, delivered, read, expired, failed, inbound
  • Message Sent Event: Message Sent Event
  • Message Delivered Event: Message Delivered Event
  • Message Expired Event: Message Expired Event
  • Inbound Event Combined: Inbound event (all types)
  • Message Read Event: Message Read Event
  • Chat Event: Looks for the following events. create, channelUpdated,update teamChanged, closed, delete, participantAdded, participantRemoved, status, sent, delivered, read
  • Chat Channel Updated Event: Chat Channel Updated Event
  • List Templates: Retrieves a list of all available templates
  • Chat Created Event: Chat Created Event.
  • Chat Deleted Event: Webhook Event.
  • Chat Participant Added Event: Chat Participant Added Event
  • Chat Participant Removed Event: Chat Participant Removed Event.
  • Chat Status Event: Chat Status Event.
  • Chat Team Changed Event: Chat Team Changed Event.
  • Chat Delivered Event: Chat Delivered Event.
  • Chat Read Event: Chat Read Event
  • Chat Sent Event: Chat Sent Event
  • Chat Updated Event: Chat Updated Event
  • Chat Closed Event: Chat Closed Event.
  • Send SMS Messages: Sends a batch of SMS messages.
  • Inbound SMS: Message inbound event SMS.
  • Inbound Facebook Message: Message inbound Facebook message.
  • Inbound Twitter: Message Twitter Direct Message
  • Inbound App Message: Message inbound app message.


  • Get New Surveys With Activity: Gets a list of surveys in the account that have changed since the last run.


  • Create Enrolment: Creates a program enrolment.
  • Get Programs:

Transactional Email

  • Send Transactional Email: Sends a transactional email.
  • Send Transactional Email Using A Triggered Campaign: Sends a transactional email using a triggered campaign.
"I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional service and successful HubSpot integration that your company delivered. The expertise, professionalism, and dedication demonstrated throughout the process were truly impressive. From the initial consultation to the final implementation, your team exhibited a deep understanding of our business needs. The smooth and efficient integration process, coupled with your proactive communication, ensured the project was completed within the agreed timeframe, exceeding our expectations. The integrated solution provided by Exelemnt SyncCloud is of outstanding quality, seamlessly connecting our HubSpot instance with our external service/data provider. This integration has significantly improved our workflow, enabling effective lead management, automated marketing campaigns, and has greatly enhanced our sales process and pipeline. It has truly empowered our team and given us a competitive advantage. Thank you for your remarkable service. I highly recommend Exelemnt SyncCloud for successful HubSpot integrations, and I look forward to future collaborations."

Zoran Mitrovic

Digitaliseringschef / CDO, Euro Finans

"Exelement SynCloud Helped Us Growth +400% Net Profits. The value our organization has seen working with Exelement SyncCloud has been extremely beneficial to our growth and helped position us for continued+sustanable growth. The Exelement team is super knowledgeable, and resourceful, and has a war chest full of additional items to help any organization meet its HubSpot needs. As an executive leader within the org, I've experienced multiple HubSpot and Salesforce buildouts; however, I've never worked with such as helpful/responsive partner as Exelement."

Christopher L. Hackney

Director of Operations, IT’S A SECRET MED SPA

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