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With our fully managed integration platform as a service, we can help you get your integration up and running fast, securely, and accurately.

We manage the whole process from A-Z, your integration runs in our cloud, and you don't need to host or manage any code or integration apps.

Freshworks CRM


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Available integration methods


  • Delete Lead: Delete a Lead.
  • List Lead Filters: Get a List of All Lead Filters.
  • Create Lead: Create a New Lead.
  • List All Leads by View ID: Get a List of All Leads by View ID.
  • Update Lead: Update a Lead.
  • Get Lead: Get a Lead.


  • Create Contact: Create a New Contact.
  • List Contact Filters: Get a List of All Contact Filters.
  • Get Contact: Get a Contact.
  • Update Contact: Update a Contact.
  • Delete Contact: Delete a Contact.
  • List All Contacts by View ID: Get a List of All Contacts by View ID.


  • Get Account: Get an Account.
  • List All Accounts by View ID: Get a List of All Accounts by View ID (retrieve View ID from Account Filters).
  • List Account Filters: Get a List of All Account Filters.
  • Delete Account: Delete an Account.
  • Create Account: Create an Account.
  • Update Account: Update an Account.


  • List Appointments: Get a list of filtered appointments i.e get your past and upcoming appointments.


  • Create User: Create User with Password & Recovery Question.
  • List Users: Get a list of all users.
  • Set User Password: Set a password for a user.
  • Get User: Get a single user record.
  • Change User Password: Change a users password.
  • Change User Recovery Question: Change a users recovery question.
  • Forgot User Password: Forgot password (Validate Security Answer).
  • Activate User: Activate a users account.
  • Deactivate User: Deactivate a users account.
  • Unlock User: Unlock a users account.
  • Expire User Password: Expire a users password.
  • Reset User Password: Reset a users password.
  • Suspend User: Suspend a users account.
  • Unsuspend User: Unsuspend a users account.
  • Reset User Factors: Reset factors.
  • Get Current User: Get user records of the current account.
  • Get Groups For User: Get details of groups a user is a part of.
  • Clear User Sessions: Clear user sessions.

Looking for additional or custom integration methods?

We can customize the integration to work with any additional or custom methods, get in touch with our team to discuss your particular integration needs.

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