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With our fully managed integration platform as a service, we can help you get your integration up and running fast, securely, and accurately.

We manage the whole process from A-Z, your integration runs in our cloud, and you don't need to host or manage any code or integration apps.


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Available integration methods

Deal Properties

  • Create Deal Property: Create a deal property.
  • Delete Deal Property: Delete a deal property.
  • Get Deal Property: Get a deal property.
  • Update Deal Property: Update a deal property.
  • List Deal Custom Properties: List deal custom properties.
  • List Deal Property Groups: Returns all of the deal property groups for a given portal.
  • List Deal Properties: List deal properties.


  • Get Contact By ID: Gets a Contact by ID.
  • Search Contacts: Gets all the Contacts matching the search term. Searches on email address, first and last name, phone number, or company.
  • List New Contacts By Owner ID: Gets a list of newly created Contacts specific to an Owner ID.
  • Upsert Contacts: Batch create or update a contact inside HubSpot. If email or visitor ID match then the Contact will be updated.
  • Upsert Contact: Creates or updates a Contact. If the email address supplied is a duplicate it will update the Contact, otherwise it will create a new one.
  • List Contacts: Gets a list of all Contacts.
  • Delete Contact: Deletes an existing contact from a particular HubSpot portal.
  • Update Contact: Updates a Contact.
  • Create Contact: Creates a new Contact.
  • List New Contacts: Gets a list of newly created Contacts.
  • List Updated Contacts: Gets a list of recently updated or created Contacts.
  • Get Contact By Email: Gets a Contact by email address.
  • Get Contact By User Token: Get a contact by its user token.
  • List Contacts By Owner ID: Gets a list of Contacts specific to an Owner ID.

Custom Objects

  • Create Custom Object: Create a custom object.
  • Create Custom Object Schema: Create a custom object schema.
  • Get Custom Object Schema: Get a custom object schema.


  • List Deal Pipelines: Get deal pipelines from HubSpot.
  • List Deal Pipeline Stages: List the Stages of a particular Deal Pipeline
  • List Ticket Pipelines: Get ticket Pipelines from HubSpot.


  • Contact Created: Webhook that listens for when a contact is created in Hubspot.
  • Contact Deleted: Webhook that listens for when a contact is deleted in Hubspot.


  • Get Deal: Get the details of the specified Deal.
  • List Updated Deals: List modified deals from HubSpot since last successful run.
  • Delete Deal: Delete a Deal.
  • Search Deals: Returns a list of Deals that match the name.
  • List Company's Associated Deals: Lists all deals associated with the specified company. Only the Deal ID's are returned, use the Get Deal method to retrieve the full deal details.
  • Associate Deal With Company: Associate a Deal with a Company.
  • Update Deal: Update the details of a Deal.
  • Create Deal: Create a deal inside HubSpot.
  • List New Deals: List all deals that have been created since last run.
  • List Deals: Returns a list of Deals.
  • Search Deals V3: Search through deals.
  • Associate Deal With Contact: Associate a Deal with a Contact.

Contact Properties

  • List Contact Properties: Lists contact properties.
  • Delete Contact Property: Deletes a contact property.
  • Create Contact Property: Creates a contact property.
  • Update Contact Property: Updates a contact property.
  • List Contact Custom Properties: Lists contact customproperties.
  • Get Contact Property: Gets a contact property.


  • Get Ticket: Get the details of a Ticket.
  • Delete Ticket: Delete a Ticket.
  • Create Ticket: Create a new Ticket.
  • List Tickets: Returns a list of all Tickets.
  • Update Ticket: Update a Ticket.


  • List New Engagements: List newly created engagements.
  • Update Note Engagement: Update Note engagement in this HubSpot portal.
  • Create Meeting Engagement: Create Meeting engagement in this HubSpot portal.
  • Get Engagement: Get the engagement from this HubSpot portal.
  • Create Call Engagement: Create Call engagement in this HubSpot portal.
  • Update Call Engagement: Update Call engagement in this HubSpot portal.
  • Create Email Engagement: Create Email engagement in this HubSpot portal.
  • List Updated Engagements: Get updated Engagements.
  • Update Task Engagement: Update Task engagement in this HubSpot portal.
  • Update Email Engagement: Update Email engagement in this HubSpot portal.
  • Create Note Engagement: Create Note engagement in this HubSpot portal.
  • Delete Engagement: Delete an existing Engagement from a particular HubSpot portal.
  • List Engagements: List all the Engagements from this HubSpot portal.
  • List Call Dispositions: List the possible dispositions (outcomes) for engagements (sales calls).
  • Update Meeting Engagement: Update Meeting engagement in this HubSpot portal.
  • Create Task Engagement: Create Task engagement in this HubSpot portal.


  • List Campaigns With Recent Activity: For a given portal, return all email campaign IDs sorted by recent activity associated with the portal.
  • List Campaigns: For a given portal, return all email campaign IDs associated with the portal.
  • Get Campaign: Gets the details of the specified Campaign.

Line Items

  • Associate Line Item With Deal: Associate a Line Item with a Deal.
  • List Line Items: Returns a list of line items.
  • Create Line Item: Create a Line Item.
  • List Line Items For Deal: Returns a list Line Items for the specified Deal.
  • Get Line Item: Returns details of the specified Line Item.

Company Members

  • Get Company Association For Contact: Checks which Company (if any) is associated with a Contact.
  • Associate Contact With Company: Associates a Contact with a Company. If a Contact is already associated with a different Company, the Contact will be added to the new Company. A Contact can only be associated with one Company.
  • Disassociate Contact From Company: Removes the association between a Contact and a Company.


  • Create Batch Association: Create a batch association.

Contact Lists

  • Create Static Contact List: Creates a new Static Contact List.
  • Delete Contact List: Delete a list in a given HubSpot account, identified by its unique ID.
  • Add Filters To List: Adds filters to a Contact List, used to define which Contacts are included in the list.
  • Add Contacts To List: Adds one or more Contacts to a Contact List.
  • Remove Contacts From List: Removes one or more Contacts from a Contact List.
  • Create Dynamic Contact List: Creates a new Dynamic Contact List.
  • List Contact Lists: Gets all Contact Lists from this HubSpot portal.
  • List Contact List Members: Gets the members of a Contact List.
  • List New Contact List Members: Gets the members of a Contact List added since the last run.
  • Get Contact List: Gets the details of a single Contact List from the supplied ID.


  • List Companies: Returns a list of all Companies.
  • List New Companies: List companies created since last run.
  • List Updated Companies: List all companies created or modified since last run.
  • Delete Company: Deletes a Company.
  • Get Company Contacts: Returns a list of contacts from the specified Company.
  • Update Company: Updates a company in HubSpot.
  • Create Company: Creates a new Company.
  • Search Companies: Returns companies that matches the search name.
  • Get Company By Domain: Gets a company by domain.
  • Get Company: Returns details of the specifed Company.

Product Properties

  • List Product Property Groups: Lists product property groups.
  • Get Product Property: Gets a product property.
  • Delete Product Property: Deletes a product property.
  • List Product Properties: Lists product properties.
  • Create Product Property: Creates a product property.
  • List Product Custom Properties: Lists product custom properties.
  • Create Product Property Group: Creates a product property group.
  • Update Product Property: Updates a product property.


  • Get Product For Deal: Get a product from HubSpot as it existed when added to deal.
  • Create Product: Create a new Product.
  • Update Product: Update the details of a Product.
  • Get Product: Get the details of a Product.
  • List Products: Lists all Products.


  • Get Account: Gets the details for the current HubSpot account.


  • List Blog Posts: Lists all blog posts for a HubSpot account.
  • Get Blog Post By ID: Gets a blog post by ID.
  • List Blogs: Lists all of the blogs for an account.
  • Get Blog By ID: Gets a blog by ID.


  • Get Owner by Email: Get an owner by Email.
  • Get New Owners: Get all the owners from this HubSpot portal since last ran.
  • Get Owner: Get an owner by ID.
  • Get Updated Owners: Get all the owners from this HubSpot portal since last ran.
  • List Owners: List all the owners from this HubSpot portal.


  • List Form Submissions Since Last Run: Returns a list of submissions for the specified form since the last successful run.
  • List Form Fields: Returns a list of fields for the specified form.
  • List Form Submissions: Returns a list of submissions for the specified form.
  • List Forms: Returns a list of all forms.

Company Properties

  • List Company Properties: Lists company properties.
  • Create Company Property: Creates a company property.
  • Update Company Property: Updates a company property.
  • List Company Custom Properties: Lists company custom properties.
  • List Company Property Groups: Lists company property groups.
  • Get Company Property: Gets a company property.
  • Delete Company Property: Deletes a company property.


  • UPSERT Event: Create a new event, or update an existing event.

Email Marketing

  • Trigger messages based on deal stages and the products/services customers are interested in
  • Sync contact data between systems
  • Automatically notify team members when a follow up message is due
  • When a new contact is added or updated add/update email subscriber
  • Create an opportunity when a link is clicked


  • Add notes to CRM company/deal records from unresolved/resolved support tickets
  • Create new leads in your CRM from support tickets
  • Update support tickets when deals move through your CRM pipeline
  • Create a record in CRM when there is new action on a pre-existing ticket
  • Add lead to campaign when a new user is created


  • Get User: Get a user.
  • List Users: List All Users

Job Requisitions

  • Get Job Requisition Posting: Gets job requisition posting by ID.
  • List Job Requisition Posting : Retrieves a list ofjob requisition postings.

Job Applications

  • List Job Application Assessment Reports: Returns all job application assessment reports.
  • Get Job Application Assessment Report: Returns the specified job application assessment report.


  • Get Employee: Get an Employee.
  • List Updated Employees: List All Updated Employees since the last run.
  • List New Employees: List All New Employees since the last run.
  • List Employees: List All Employees.


  • Create Candidate: Creates a candidate.
  • Update Candidate: Updates a candidate.

Success Factors - Employee Profile

  • Delete Education: Delete education.
  • List Education: List all education.
  • Create Education: Create education.
  • Update Education: Update education.
  • Update Volunteer Work: Update volunteer work.
  • List Volunteer Work: List all volunteer work.
  • Delete Volunteer Work: Delete volunteer work.
  • Create Volunteer Work: Create volunteer work.
  • Get Volunteer Work: Get a single volunteer work job.
  • Get Education: Get education.
  • Update Inside Work Experience: Update inside work experience.
  • Get Inside Work Experience: Get inside work experience.
  • Delete Inside Work Experience: Delete inside work experience.
  • List Inside Work Experience: List all inside work experience.
  • Create Inside Work Experience: Create inside work experience.
  • Delete Language: Delete a language.
  • Update Langauge: Update a language.
  • Get Language: Get a language.
  • List Languages: List all languages.
  • Create Language: Create language.
  • Update Outside Work Experience: Update outside work experience.
  • Get Outside Work Experience: Get outside work experience.
  • Get Course: Get a course.
  • Create Course: Create a new course.
  • List Courses: List all courses.
  • Update Course: Update a course.
  • Delete Course: Delete a course.
  • Delete Outside Work Experience: Delete outside work experience.
  • List Outside Work Experience: List all outside work experience.
  • Get Lead Experience: Get lead experience.
  • Update Lead Experience: Update lead experience.
  • Delete Lead Experience: Delete lead experience.
  • Create Outside Work Experience: Create outside work experience.
  • Create Lead Experience: Create lead experience.
  • List Lead Experience: List all lead experience.

Success Factors - Employee Payroll

  • Get Time Valuation: Get a time valuation.
  • List Time Sheets: List all time sheets.
  • List Time Sheet Entries: List all time sheet entries.
  • Get Time Sheet: Get a time sheet.
  • Get Time Sheet Entry: Get a time sheet entry.
  • List Time Valuations: List all time valuations.
  • Delete Payroll Item: Delete a payroll item.
  • List Payroll Items: List all payroll items.
  • Update Payroll Item: Update payroll item.
  • Create Payroll Item: Create payroll item.
  • Get Payroll: Get a payroll.
  • List Payrolls: List all payrolls.
  • Get Payroll Item: Get a payroll item.


  • List Entity Metadata: Lists Metadata for and entity.


  • Trigger an error message is employee bank details expire/incorrect
  • Sync payroll and expenses data
  • Set up notifications for new job applicants
  • Remove job description when position filled
  • Trigger an update to a job description when reaching an expiry date
  • Sync employee feedback data between systems
  • Quickly and accurately process adjustments to employee roles
  • Trigger automated actions when someone new is added to your HR system.
  • Automate reminders when data is missing from a record.
"I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional service and successful HubSpot integration that your company delivered. The expertise, professionalism, and dedication demonstrated throughout the process were truly impressive. From the initial consultation to the final implementation, your team exhibited a deep understanding of our business needs. The smooth and efficient integration process, coupled with your proactive communication, ensured the project was completed within the agreed timeframe, exceeding our expectations. The integrated solution provided by Exelemnt SyncCloud is of outstanding quality, seamlessly connecting our HubSpot instance with our external service/data provider. This integration has significantly improved our workflow, enabling effective lead management, automated marketing campaigns, and has greatly enhanced our sales process and pipeline. It has truly empowered our team and given us a competitive advantage. Thank you for your remarkable service. I highly recommend Exelemnt SyncCloud for successful HubSpot integrations, and I look forward to future collaborations."

Zoran Mitrovic

Digitaliseringschef / CDO, Euro Finans

"Exelement SynCloud Helped Us Growth +400% Net Profits. The value our organization has seen working with Exelement SyncCloud has been extremely beneficial to our growth and helped position us for continued+sustanable growth. The Exelement team is super knowledgeable, and resourceful, and has a war chest full of additional items to help any organization meet its HubSpot needs. As an executive leader within the org, I've experienced multiple HubSpot and Salesforce buildouts; however, I've never worked with such as helpful/responsive partner as Exelement."

Christopher L. Hackney

Director of Operations, IT’S A SECRET MED SPA

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