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Available integration methods

Bulk Exports

  • Create Export Job - New Leads: Creates an export job for leads created since the last run.
  • Create Export Job - New Activities: Creates an export job for activities created since the last run.
  • Get Export File: Retrieves a completed export file's content.
  • Create Export Job - Leads: Creates a lead export job.
  • List Export Jobs: Returns a list of export jobs created in the past 7 days.
  • Cancel Export Job: Cancels an export job.
  • Create Export Job - Activities: Creates an activity export job.
  • Enqueue Export Job: Adds an export job to the processing queue.
  • Get Export Job Status: Retrieves the status for an export job.


  • List Updated Leads: Lists leads updated since last run.
  • List Leads By Email Address: Gets all of the leads with the specified email address.
  • List Leads: Lists all leads using a filter.
  • Create Or Update Lead: Creates or updates a lead.
  • List Updated Lead Activities: Lists the lead activities updated since the specified date.
  • Get Lead: Gets a lead.
  • List Lead Activities: Lists a leads activities.
  • List Lead Fields: Returns a list of all fields available for interaction via the REST API.
  • List Lead Memberships: Lists a leads memberships.
  • List Lead Website And Email History: Lists a leads website and email history.
  • List Smart Campaigns: Lists the smart campaigns of a lead.

Static Lists

  • List Lists: Lists all the static lists.
  • Get List: Gets a static list.
  • Add Lead To List: Adds a lead or leads to a static list.
  • Remove Lead From List : Removes a lead or leads from a static list
  • Get List Members: Gets the members of a Static List.

Bulk Imports

  • Get Import Job Warnings: Retrieves a list of warnings for an import job.
  • Create Import Job: Creates an import job for a csv payload into the target instance.
  • Get Import Job Status: Retrieves the status for an import job.
  • Get Import Job Failures: Retrieves a list of failures for an import job.

Custom Objects

  • List Custom Objects: Lists the API name of existing custom objects.
  • Create Custom Objects: Creates a custom object.
  • Update Lead Custom Object: Updates a leads custom object. Custom Object mappings must be added as custom fields.
  • Create Custom Object Values: Creates a custom objects values. Insert custom object fields under '[input].'.
  • Upsert Custom Object Values: Creates or updates a custom objects values. Insert custom object fields under '[input].'.
  • Update Custom Object Values: Updates a custom objects values. Insert custom object fields under '[input].'.
  • List Linkable Custom Objects: Lists linkable custom objects and their fields.


  • List Activity Types: Lists activity types.


  • List Users: Retrieve a list of all user records. Required Permissions: Access User Management Api and Access Users


  • List Hotlists: Gets a list of all Hotlists
  • Delete Hotlist: Deletes a Hotlist.
  • Remove Candidate from Hotlist : Removes a Candidate from a Hotlist.
  • List New Hotlist Members: Gets a list of new members of the Hotlist, check Person Type to filter out any member types that you are interested in e.g. Candidate
  • Get Hotlist: Gets details of the specified Hotlist.
  • Remove Contact from Hotlist : Removes a Contact from a Hotlist.
  • List Updated Hotlist List : Gets updated Hotlists.
  • Get Hotlist By Name: Searches for Hotlists using the name property.
  • Add Contact to Hotlist: Add a Contact to a Hotlist.
  • Create Hotlist : Creates a new Hotlist
  • Add Candidate to Hotlist: Add a Candidate to a Hotlist.
  • Get Hotlist Members: Gets a list of members of the Hotlist.

Job Orders

  • Update Job Order: Update an existing Job Order.
  • List New Job Orders: Lists all Job Orders/Requirements added since last run.
  • Get Custom Object Fields: Retrieves the fields of a custom object associated with the Job Order object.
  • List Updated Job Orders: Lists all Job Orders/Requirements updated since last run.
  • Create Job Order: Create a new Job Order.
  • Delete Job Order: Delete a Job Order by its ID.
  • Get Job Order: Get an individual Job Order by its ID.


  • Update Corporation:
  • Get Corporation:
  • Get Corporation By Name: Gets a Corporation by name.
  • List My Corporations:
  • Create Corporation: Add a new Corporation.
  • List Corporations: Gets a list of all Corporations.
  • List Updated Corporations: Gets a list of all Corporations.

Job Submissions

  • List Updated Job Submissions: Lists all Job Submissions updated since the last run.
  • List Job Submissions: Lists all Job Submissions.
  • Delete Job Submission: Delete a Job Submission by its ID.
  • Get Job Submission: Get an individual Job Submission by its ID.
  • Create Job Submission: Create a new Job Submission.
  • Update Job Submission: Update a Job Submission.


  • List Candidates: Gets all candidates.
  • Get Candidate by Email: Gets a candidate by email. When several candidates exist, only the first is retrieved.
  • Create Candidate: Add a new Candidate.
  • List Updated Candidates: Search for candidate where they have been modified since date time.
  • List Candidates by Email: Gets all matching candidates by email.
  • List My Candidates: Get all my candidates.
  • Update Candidate: Update candidate details by ID.
  • Get Candidate: Gets candidate details by ID.
  • Delete Candidate: Delete a candidate.


  • Get Metadata for Custom Objects:
  • Get Fields For Candidate:
  • Get Fields For ClientContact:


  • List New Appointments: Lists all Appointments added since last run.
  • List Appointments: Lists all Appointments.
  • Create Appointment: Create a new Appointment Record.
  • List Updated Appointments: Lists all Appointments updated since last run.
  • Delete Appointment: Delete an Appointment by its ID.
  • Update Appointment: Update an existing Appointment Record.
  • Get Appointment: Retrieve details of a Appointment by its ID.


  • List Contacts by Email: Gets all matching contacts by email.
  • List My Contacts: Gets my contacts.
  • Update Contact: Updates a Contact.
  • Get Contact by Email: Gets a contact by email. When several contacts exist, only the first is retrieved.
  • Create Contact: Adds a new Contact.
  • Delete Contact: Delete a Contact.
  • List Contacts: Gets all contacts.
  • Get Contact: Gets Contact details by ID.
  • List Updated Contacts: Get recently modified contacts.


  • Get Country By Name: Gets a country by name.
  • List Countries: Gets all countries.


  • Verify Authentication: Verify if the Bullhorn connector is still authenticated.


  • List Users: Gets a list of Corporate Users.
  • Get User: Gets details of the specified user.


  • List Updated Placements: Lists all successfully filled jobs updated since last run.
  • Get Placement: Retrieve details of a Placement by its ID.
  • Update Placement: Update an existing Placement record.
  • Create Placement: Create a new Placement record.
  • List New Placements: Lists all successfully filled jobs since last run.
  • Delete Placement: Delete a Placement by its ID.


  • Get Note By ID: Gets a note by ID
  • List Notes For Entity: Gets notes for an entity
"I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional service and successful HubSpot integration that your company delivered. The expertise, professionalism, and dedication demonstrated throughout the process were truly impressive. From the initial consultation to the final implementation, your team exhibited a deep understanding of our business needs. The smooth and efficient integration process, coupled with your proactive communication, ensured the project was completed within the agreed timeframe, exceeding our expectations. The integrated solution provided by Exelemnt SyncCloud is of outstanding quality, seamlessly connecting our HubSpot instance with our external service/data provider. This integration has significantly improved our workflow, enabling effective lead management, automated marketing campaigns, and has greatly enhanced our sales process and pipeline. It has truly empowered our team and given us a competitive advantage. Thank you for your remarkable service. I highly recommend Exelemnt SyncCloud for successful HubSpot integrations, and I look forward to future collaborations."

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Christopher L. Hackney

Director of Operations, IT’S A SECRET MED SPA

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