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With our fully managed integration platform as a service, we can help you get your integration up and running fast, securely, and accurately.

We manage the whole process from A-Z, your integration runs in our cloud, and you don't need to host or manage any code or integration apps.



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Available integration methods

Bulk Exports

  • Create Export Job - Activities: Creates an activity export job.
  • Create Export Job - New Leads: Creates an export job for leads created since the last run.
  • Get Export File: Retrieves a completed export file's content.
  • Create Export Job - Leads: Creates a lead export job.
  • List Export Jobs: Returns a list of export jobs created in the past 7 days.
  • Get Export Job Status: Retrieves the status for an export job.
  • Cancel Export Job: Cancels an export job.
  • Enqueue Export Job: Adds an export job to the processing queue.
  • Create Export Job - New Activities: Creates an export job for activities created since the last run.

Static Lists

  • List Lists: Lists all the static lists.
  • Get List: Gets a static list.
  • Remove Lead From List : Removes a lead or leads from a static list
  • Get List Members: Gets the members of a Static List.
  • Add Lead To List: Adds a lead or leads to a static list.


  • List Activity Types: Lists activity types.


  • List Updated Leads: Lists leads updated since last run.
  • List Lead Memberships: Lists a leads memberships.
  • List Lead Activities: Lists a lead's activities.
  • Create Or Update Leads: Creates or updates leads (batch).
  • List Lead Changes: Lists data value changes and new lead activities after the given datetime.
  • Create Or Update Lead: Creates or updates a lead, for use with a single lead.
  • List Leads: Lists all leads using a filter.
  • List Updated Lead Activities: Lists the lead activities updated since the specified date.
  • List Lead Website And Email History: Lists a leads website and email history.
  • List New Lead Changes: Lists data value changes and new lead activities since the last run.
  • Get Lead: Gets a lead.
  • List Leads By Email Address: Gets all of the leads with the specified email address.
  • List Smart Campaigns: Lists the smart campaigns of a lead.
  • List Lead Fields: Returns a list of all fields available for interaction via the REST API.

Program Members

  • List Program Members: Retrieve a list of program members.
  • Describe Program Member: Retrieve metadata about program member objects.

Bulk Imports

  • Get Import Job Failures: Retrieves a list of failures for an import job.
  • Create Import Job: Creates an import job for a csv payload into the target instance.
  • Get Import Job Status: Retrieves the status for an import job.
  • Get Import Job Warnings: Retrieves a list of warnings for an import job.

Custom Objects

  • List Linkable Custom Objects: Lists linkable custom objects and their fields.
  • Create Custom Objects: Creates a custom object.
  • List Custom Objects: Lists the API name of existing custom objects.
  • Update Lead Custom Object: Updates a leads custom object. Custom Object mappings must be added as custom fields.
  • Create Custom Object Values: Creates a custom objects values. Insert custom object fields under '[input].'.
  • Upsert Custom Object Values: Creates or updates a custom objects values. Insert custom object fields under '[input].'.
  • Update Custom Object Values: Updates a custom objects values. Insert custom object fields under '[input].'.


  • List Users: Retrieve a list of all user records. Required Permissions: Access User Management Api and Access Users


  • Create or update CRM contacts from new email subscribers
  • Add new CRM contacts to email marketing lists


  • List Audit Records for User: Lists the audit records with changes to the identified user.
  • List Users: List the users.
  • List Users Sessions: List active sessions of a PagerDuty user.


  • Create Incident: Creates an Incident
  • List New and Updated Incidents: List incidents created, or whose status has changed since last run.
  • List Incidents: List existing incidents.

Change Events

  • List Change Events: List all Change Events.
  • List Updated Change Events: List Updated Change Events since last run cycle.

Developer Tools

  • Combine external data sources and tools with your application's development environment to enhance your data
  • Add additional data and tools to your application using low code tools


  • Create advanced processing reports across multiple data sources
  • Create your own uptime monitoring solutions, combining external tools and 3rd and 1st party data

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