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With our fully managed integration platform as a service, we can help you get your integration up and running fast, securely, and accurately.

We manage the whole process from A-Z, your integration runs in our cloud, and you don't need to host or manage any code or integration apps.


Zendesk Sell

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Available integration methods


  • Add new landing page form submissions to CRM as leads
  • Create new CRM entries when new contracts have been signed by leads


  • List New Deals: List all new deals created since the last run date.
  • List Deals: List all deals.
  • List Updated Deals: List all updated deals since the last run date.
  • Get Deal: Get a deal.


  • List Calls: List all calls.
  • Get Call: Get a call.
  • List New Calls: List all new calls since the last run.
  • List Updated Calls: List all updated calls since the last run.


  • Create Lead: Creates a new lead.
  • Update Lead: Updates a lead.


  • If a customer has expressed interest in one particular product, you could automate a follow up email suggesting other products that are similar and provide more to the customer, but are at a higher price point. Ultimately using automated integrations for upsell/cross-sell opportunities.
  • Create new CRM contacts from new sales form entries
  • Add new contacts to CRM as new leads

Looking for additional or custom integration methods?

We can customize the integration to work with any additional or custom methods, get in touch with our team to discuss your particular integration needs.

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