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With our fully managed integration platform as a service, we can help you get your integration up and running fast, securely, and accurately.

We manage the whole process from A-Z, your integration runs in our cloud, and you don't need to host or manage any code or integration apps.



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Available integration methods




Visma.net ERP

Visma.net Payroll


Route Optimization

Visma.net Employee

Visma.net HRM & Payroll


  • List Employees: Get a list of all employees.
  • List Updated Employees: Gets a list of employees created since last run.
  • Get Employee: Gets an employee details by ID.

Time Tracking

  • List Time Tracking Requests: Find all employees's time tracking requests.
  • List Employee Shifts: Get all shifts for an employee.
  • List Categories: Returns a list of categories for time tracking.

Company Information

  • List Cost Centers: Find all the cost centers for a company.
  • List Locations: Find all locations for a company.
  • List Company Information: Find all information for a company.
  • List Company Shifts: Find all shifts for a company.
  • List Departments: List the departments across the entire organisation.

Looking for additional or custom integration methods?

We can customize the integration to work with any additional or custom methods, get in touch with our team to discuss your particular integration needs.

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