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Visma.net ERP

Visma.net Payroll


Route Optimization

Visma.net Employee

Visma.net HRM & Payroll

Client Lookup

  • List Custom Client Fields: Gets collection containing custom fields.
  • List Client Referral Types: Gets a list of referral types. Referral types are options that new clients can choose to identify how they learned about the business. Referral types are typically used for the sign-up process.
  • List Required Client Fields: Gets collection containing all of the clients required fields.
  • List Client Services: Gets the purchased services for a specific client.


  • List Programs: Get list programs.
  • List Session Types: Get list of session types.
  • List Locations: Get list locations.
  • List Sites: Get list of sites..
  • List Resources: Get list of resources.


  • List Client Indexes: Client indexes are used to analyze client demographics. A business owner can set up different categories with sets of values which they can assign to each client. Client indexes are used in client searches, for tagging clients so that the owner can send mass emails to similar groups, and for many reports.
  • Get Contact Logs: Gets not just all contact logs, but also system-generated contact logs, contact logs assigned to specific staff members, and contact logs of specific types or subtypes.
  • List Client Visits: Gets collection containing the clients visits.
  • List Client Purchases: Gets a list of purchases made by a specific client.
  • Get Client By Client ID: Get a client using their unique ID.
  • List Client Account Balances: Gets client account balances.
  • List Client Contract: Gets collection containing all of the clients contracts.
  • List Cross Regional Client Associations: Returns a list of sites that a particular client ID (also referred to as an RSSID) or a client email address is associated with in a cross-regional organization. Either the ClientID or Email parameter is required. If both are provided, the ClientID is used.


  • List Class Descriptions: Gets list of class descriptions.
  • List Classes Schedules: Gets list of class schedules.
  • List Classes: Gets list of classes.
  • List Updated Classes: Gets list of classes.


  • List Updated Clients: Gets collection containing all of the clients updated since last run.
  • Search Clients: Gets collection the clients matching there search text.
  • List New Clients: Gets collection containing all of the clients added since last run.
  • List Clients: Gets collection containing all of the clients
  • Add Client: Adds a client.


  • User Token:
  • Get Activation Code: Call to retrieve a site-specific activation code.


  • Get All Active Client Memberships: Gets all active client memberships.


  • List Appointment Options: List the appointment options.
  • List Active Session Times: Returns a list of the times that can be booked for a given program schedule type. ActiveSessionTimes represent the scheduling increments that can be booked during the active business hours for services
  • List Staff Appointments: Returns a list of appointments by staff member.


  • Client Booking Created: Sends this event when a client is booked into a class.


  • List Sales: Gets collection of sales.
  • List Services: Gets collection of services.
  • List New Sales: Gets collection of sales since last run.
  • List Packages: Gets collection of packages.
  • List Products: Gets collection of products.


  • List Enrollments: Gets collection containing all of the clients

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