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Available integration methods


  • Create Guest: Create a guest.
  • List Updated Center Guests: Retrieve a list of all of the updated guests of a center.
  • List Center Guests: Retrieve a list of guests for a center.
  • Update Guest: Update a guest.
  • Search Guests: Searches for a guest using one of their credentials.
  • Get Guest: Retrieve the details of a guest.
  • List Guest Memberships: Retrieve a list of memberships for a guest.
  • Create Guest Form: Create a guest form.
  • Get Guest Form: Get a form of a guest.
  • List Guest Loyalty Points: Get loyalty point history of a guest.
  • List Guest Product Purchased: Retrieves a list of products purchased by a guest.
  • List Guest Prepaid Cards: Retrieve a list of prepaid cards of a guest.
  • List Guest Series Packages: Retrieve a list of series packages for a guest.
  • List Guest Coupons : Retrieve a list of coupons for a guest.
  • List Guest Appointment Services: Retrieve a list of appointment services for a guest.
  • List Guest Appointments: Retrieve a list of appointments for a guest.
  • List Guests Gift Cards: Retrieves a list of gift cards for a guest.
  • Get Guest Note: Get a guest note.
  • Delete Guest Note: Delete a guest note.
  • Create Guest Note: Create a guest note.
  • List Guest Notes: List all notes of a guest.
  • Update Guest Note: Update a guest note.
  • Update Guest Form: Update a guest form.


  • List Centers: Retrieve a list of centers.


  • List Sales: Retrieves the sales report of a center.
  • List Collections: Retrieve the collections report of a center.
  • List New Collections: Retrieve the collections report of a center since the last run.
  • List New Sales: Retrieves the sales report of a center since last run.


  • Get Appointment: Retrieves the details of an appointment.
  • List Appointments by Center: Lists appointments of a specified center.


  • Update Opportunity: Edit an opportunity by ID.
  • Get Opportunity: Retrieves an opportunity by ID.
  • List Opportunities Metadata: Lists metadata of the opportunities.
  • List New Opportunities: Retrieves a list of all new opportunities since last run.
  • List Opportunities: Retrieves a list of all opportunities.

Membership Sale

  • Send Guest Email: If the invoice is closed and has completed payment,use this method to send an email to a guest.
  • List Center Memberships: Retrieves a list of memberships for a center.
  • Create Membership Invoice: Create an invoice for memberships.
  • Delete Membership From Invoice: Delete a membership from an invoice.
  • Add Membership To Invoice: Add a membership to an invoice.

Product Sale

  • Retrieve Invoice Details: Retrieves the details of an invoice.
  • Delete Product From Invoice: Delete product from invoice.
  • Create Invoice: Create invoice with products.
  • Pay With Gift Card: Collect invoice payment with guest's gift card.
  • Custom Payment: Insert custom payment for an invoice into Zenoti
  • Pay with Unsaved Card: Collect payment with guest's unsaved card.
  • Pay Tip With Card: Collect tip by using a guest's credit/debit card.
  • Pay with Saved Card: Collect payment with guest's saved card.
  • Add Guest Debit/Credit Card: Add a credit/debit card for a guest.
  • Delete Guest Cards: Delete guest's saved credit/debit cards.
  • Get Stored Cards of a Guest: Retrieve the stored cards of a guest.
  • Apply Offer Code: Apply a media campaign offer code on an invoice.
  • Close Invoice: Closes an Invoice.
  • Add Product To Invoice: Add a product to an invoice.



  • Add Card: Adds a new card.
  • Get Board By Card ID: Gets the board that this card is on.
  • Update Card: Updates the details of a card.
  • List Updated Cards: List the cards that have been updated since last run.
  • List Modified Cards: Get cards that have been edited.
  • Get Card Detail: Get full details of a card.
  • Search Cards By Board: This method will return a list of all cards in a board included in the search.
  • Delete Card: Deletes the specified card.
  • Search Updated Cards: Gets cards based on search period filter.
  • List Cards for Board: Gets the cards for the specified board.


  • Update Board: Updates the details of a board.
  • Create Board: Create a new board.
  • List Open Boards: List all boards with a status of 'open'.
  • Get Board: Get details of a single board.
  • Add List to Board: Adds a new list to a board.
  • Delete Board: Deletes the specified board.
  • List New Boards: List all boards created since last run.
  • List Updated Boards: List all updates for the board whenever the board was created, updated or closed.

Custom Fields

  • Set Custom Field Value: Set the value of a Custom Field on Card.
  • Create Custom Field: Creates a Custom Field on the specified Board.
  • Update Custom Field: Updates details of a custom field.
  • Delete Custom Field: Deletes a custom field from a board.
  • Get Custom Field: Gets details of a custom field.


  • List Board Members: Gets the members for a board.
  • Add Card Member: Adds a member to a card.
  • List Organization Members: List the members in a Workspace.
  • List Card Members: Gets a list of members for a card.
  • Get Member: Gets the details of a member.

Event Triggers

  • Board Changed: Receives an action for when a board is updated. Use 'Action Type And Translation Key' to filter the events you are interested in.
  • List Changed: Receives an action for when a List is updated. Use 'Action Type And Translation Key' to filter the events you are interested in.


  • Create List: Creates a new list on a board.
  • Get Board Lists: Get the lists for the specified board.
  • Get List Cards: Gets all cards in a specified list.
  • Update List: Updates the properties of a list.
  • Get List: Gets details of the specifed list.


  • Get Checklist Item: Gets details of the specified checklist item.
  • Update Card Checklist Item: Updates a checklist item on a card.
  • Get Card Checklists: Gets the checklists for a card.
  • Delete Card Checklist Item: Deletes an item from a checklist attached to a card.
  • Delete Card Checklist: Deletes a card checklist.
  • Add Card Checklist Item: Adds an item to an existing checklist.
  • Add Card Checklist: This method adds a checklist to a card.


  • List Card Attachments: Gets the card Attachments.
  • Add URL Attachment: Adds an attachments to the card from a URL.


  • Get Card Labels: Get the labels for the specified card.
  • Delete Label from Card: Deletes a label from a card.
  • Add Board Label: Adds a label to a board.
  • Add Label To Card: Adds a label to a card.
  • Delete Board Label: Deletes a label from a board.
  • Update Label Color: Updates the color of a label.
  • Get Board Labels: Get the labels for the specified board.


  • Add Card Comment: Adds a comment to a card.


  • Get Enterprise: Get an enterprise by its ID.


  • Update Team: Updates the details of a team (aka organization).
  • Get Team: Gets the details of the specified team (aka organization).
  • Add Team: Adds a team (aka organization).
  • Get Team Boards: Gets the boards for the specified team (aka organization).
  • Get Team Members: Gets the members of a team (aka organization).
  • Delete Team: Deletes a team (aka organization).


  • Get Card Action: Get details of the specified action.
  • List Card Actions: Gets the actions associated with a card.
  • Delete Card Action: Deletes a card action.

Product Management

  • Create new project management tasks from new or moved product management cards


  • When DevOps tasks have been reviewed and completely move project management cards to complete
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Christopher L. Hackney

Director of Operations, IT’S A SECRET MED SPA

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