Lead management: best practices to prepare sales and marketing for Q1

Whether your focus is on lead generation, customer retention or a combination of the two, every new year needs a revitalized sales and marketing plan to map out how your teams will stay on track to achieve those goals. Here are a few best practices in lead management to prepare sales and marketing for Q1.

How sales and marketing can work together to improve lead qualification

Knowing how and when to qualify your leads has an impact on all of your marketing and sales efforts. It should function as a well-oiled machine, making sure your sales cycle is healthy and fully operational. When it comes to improving the lead qualification process, it starts with aligning your sales and marketing teams. Here are 3 ways to do just that.

Why marketing and sales alignment is crucial for organizational growth

When it comes to modern organizations in any industry, internal processes that align with executing the overall business strategy have always been a no-brainer. It makes sense then that an extension of this includes the alignment of sales and marketing as organizations push to create better experiences for prospective customers, and have more control over every touchpoint during a customer journey. 

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