The traditional sales funnel vs. the Flywheel Approach

Explore the flywheel approach in transforming your B2B sales and marketing strategies. This engaging blog post explores the shift from traditional funnel models to the customer-centric flywheel method, highlighting its advantages and practical tips for implementation using CRM systems and marketing automation tools for increased efficiency, customer retention, and long-lasting success in the ever-evolving world of B2B sales and marketing!

Modern B2B buying can be complex, but companies can adapt – starting with the customer experience

It’s no secret that B2B buying behavior and the customer journey have undergone significant change in the digital era. From first touchpoint to sale won, buying has become increasingly more complex and difficult to predict. This is just one reason why many companies are shifting from traditional lead gen business models to a deeper focus on customer retention and loyalty.

Why B2B companies should look to product-led marketing to improve ROI

As buyers become more fickle, and expectations are at an all- time high, businesses should consider how they can reformulate their marketing and sales efforts to focus on customer retention. When loyalty is hard fought and hard won and churn is a dirty word, businesses can look to deploy product-led marketing initiatives as a way to increase retention, and improve overall marketing return on investment.

Why manufacturing companies should change how they think about the customer journey

One of the toughest challenges most businesses face is being able to fully understand their customer base and how to engage each one in a way that leads to a sale. When it comes to marketing and sales, targeting and audience segmentation, it means that even traditional businesses like manufacturers must adapt their ways of working to serve an increasingly diverse customer base. So how can manufacturers reshape how to think about the customer journey, and how can you implement processes and technology to capture the most leads and generate more existing customer loyalty?

Why content is at the center of modern customer journeys

While so many businesses are finding ways to pivot their offerings, services, and even business models to adapt to how consumers are currently limited, those who are becoming more innovative in their content and how they engage customers throughout the customer journey are the ones who are still surviving - and even thriving - during these turbulent times.

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