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Why content is at the center of modern customer journeys

Last month’s Experience Makers Live virtual conference held by Adobe was packed with interesting and informative keynotes and breakout sessions on a variety of topics related to modern business and marketing and sales. But there was one major theme that seemed to be the red thread, and became the point that really stuck with me: In a Covid-19 world, content is more important than ever.  

While so many businesses are finding ways to pivot their offerings, services, and even business models to adapt to how consumers are currently limited, those who are becoming more innovative in their content and how they engage customers throughout the customer journey are the ones who are still surviving - and even thriving - during these turbulent times.  

We know that content is king, but why is it especially so important for modern customer journeys? There are two main reasons:

  1. In-person events and meetings are no longer happening 
  2. Content is the best way to be helpful, relevant, informative, and timely 

Read more about why content is at the center of modern customer journeys on the Adobe Marketo Blog:

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