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Customer experience is the bedrock upon which brands are built, nurtured, and grown. But in our quest to deliver unparalleled customer service, we often overlook another essential group: our internal users. The ones who keep the engine running, answer the calls, close the deals, and solve the problems. Their experience within the organisation and with the tools they use every day, Salesforce included, is just as vital.

Think about the term "employee experience." It's the everyday stuff at work—the tasks, the tools (like Salesforce), and the team chats. It's crucial to make this experience enjoyable because today, your living room may also be your office, thanks to remote work.

Why does it matter?

Happy employees make productive teams which, in turn, results in satisfied customers. They know the business, are more likely to stick around and can bring fresh ideas to the table. So enhancing the employee experience isn't just good for the team — it's great for business. Employees who enjoy their work environment, including the digital tools they use daily, tend to be more productive, engaged, and motivated. They deliver better customer service and display higher levels of creativity and problem-solving. In essence, when employees have a positive experience with tools like Salesforce, it doesn't just make their work life better; it impacts the entire organisation, from team dynamics to customer satisfaction.

Keeping in mind that change management should be essential prelude to implementing a new tool, once you have Salesforce in place, what UI features does it offer to make the interface easier to use and more engaging for your team?

Salesforce Path

The Salesforce Path is a visual guide designed to streamline and simplify complex business processes across various objects. Whether you're managing leads, accounts, opportunities or custom objects, the Path provides a clear roadmap of the stages or steps involved, ensuring that users have a full understanding of where they are and what actions are needed next in the process. One of the best features of the Salesforce path is the flexibility to have different stages based on record types, meaning that various business processes or departments within an organisation can have tailored paths that reflect their unique workflows and needs.

Opportunity Sales Path

For our purposes, we will focus on creating an opportunity path. Why opportunity?

  • Customisable Stages: Businesses can adapt the path to reflect their unique sales process or methodology, ensuring that the tool complements, rather than complicates, the process.
  • Guided Selling: With a well-defined path, key fields per stage in the process and descriptions, sales representatives can receive guidance on the best next steps and key activities, ensuring consistency and effectiveness in their approach.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Managers and team leads can easily track progress, identify bottlenecks, and forecast revenue with greater accuracy.
  • Improved Collaboration: With everyone on the team having a clear view of where an opportunity stands, collaboration becomes more streamlined, and information silos are broken down.

Step 1: Setup or edit Path
  • Go to Setup > start typing path in the search box > select 'Path Settings'.
  • If you do not have path activated already, create a new path.

Creating a path in Salesforce

  • If you already have path setup, you can skip this part, otherwise, fill out your details as shown below and click next.
Fill in path details

  • Add up to 5 key fields as needed to capture data per stage.

Bonus: Activate Path Celebration

This one is a quick win, with a few clicks of a button, you can break up the monotony of the Salesforce interface by celebrating your users as they progress through the sales process. I asked around, and apparently, salespeople love this. So if you’re not using this, try it out. In this example, let's enable celebrations whenever an opportunity is closed-won.

Activating celebrations in Salesforce opportunity path

Final Results

Opportunity Path & Closed-Won celebration in action

Stay tuned, next in the series are UX improvements like using image formulas, making the most out of dynamic forms, in-app guidance and more.

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