Enhancing user experience within the Salesforce CRM - Salesforce Path

Customer experience is the bedrock upon which brands are built, nurtured, and grown. But in our quest to deliver unparalleled customer service, we often overlook another essential group: our employees. The ones who keep the engine running, answer the calls, close the deals, and solve the problems. Their experience within the organisation and with the tools they use every day, Salesforce included, is just as vital. So let's explore: How can we make Salesforce easier to use and more engaging for your team?

Hybrid roles are here to stay

The marketing function has never been as important as it is today. Cooperation between business development, IT, and sales is becoming increasingly crucial. Modern marketers must know more about the different areas of the business to be able to create the biggest possible value.

3 components of an experience maker and why they matter for modern business

Adobe’s recent Experience Maker’s Live two-day online event was insightful, thoughtful, and informative, just as I predicted. While I knew what kind of high-quality content I could expect from one of their events, I headed into the virtual conference with one pressing question: what exactly is an experience maker?

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