Measuring ROI: tips on how to start proving the value of your marketing activities

Many marketers struggle with calculating ROI because it can be hard to know where to start, and how to attribute your activities to spend and revenue. Especially during times like COVID-19 when many companies face financial downturn, marketing needs be able to tie their spend to real value because: resources are limited, you need high internal buy-in and need to show positive impact on revenue. So how do you prove that your marketing investments are worthwhile? Here are some data-driven tips on how to get started.

The 3 most important productivity hacks for marketing processes

Establishing efficient marketing processes may take up-front time investments, but they will help teams to be more productive in the long run, and encourage better customer relationships. Smoother processes are just one benefit, but in time, tracking performance becomes easier, which in turn allows companies to more quickly adjust and make changes, rather than spending resources on a project just to find out something isn't working. 

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